Friday, June 24, 2011

Chapter No:1 Class X1 computer science. ICS

Important Questions of Computer Class (X1)
Chapter (1)
Long Question: (1) what is computer? Discuss Primary component of a computer system.(2)what is software ?
Describe different categories of computer software.
(3) What is System? Discuss its different phases
 (4) What is printer? Explain different types of impact printer
(5) What is input Devices? explain two input devices
Short   Question:     (1)What is information technology
(2)What is meant by Qwerty.
(3)What is system software
 (4) Describe The two major types of software. What is testing phase in SDLC .
 (5)What is graphic tablets
(6) What is digital convergence?
 (7)What is hardware
 (8) What is scanner
 (9) What is floppy disk
 (10) What are non impact printer
(11) What are impact printer
(12) What do you about pen-based system.
(13) What is MICR.
(14) What is joy stick?
(15) Define SDLC list out its phases


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